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With 25 years' experience using Adobe products Leap In Ltd is a reliable partner that provides high quality retouching, design & layout, and professional illustration services.


Specialising in the automotive and event industries, we have provided support both directly and indirectly to brands such as Rolls Royce, Google, Suzuki and Honda; as well many trade conferences and exhibitions.


We undertake many varied jobs from Prezi to print and the one common theme between them is image generation. Whether it's from scratch or just a cut out and shadow we've probably done something similar to your requirements which means your final result will be creative, quick and flawless.


Design, Retouching, Illustration and Layout

  • Seamlessly remove objects
  • Add elements
  • Take the best light and shade from a product photo shoot series and combine them to realise a photographer's vision
  • Make the 'impossible' a reality
  • Cut-out and shadow
  • Lo-resolution, pixel perfect images for web
  • Compositional re-focus
  • Colour balance and exposure corrections
  • Photoshop 3D creative
  • Create branding and identity
  • Improve your work flow
  • Print and digital synergy -
    merge your on-line and off-line identity
  • Realise strong creative propositions
  • Develop graphic devices from a creative proposition
  • Develop your logo from scratch or make improvements to an existing one

Ask us for an illustration, and each image we create will be an original just for you. Or you could choose from over 3000 illustrations on istock, adobe stock or shutterstock.


In a world where trends force everybody down the same creative route, we choose 'stand-out and individuality'.

Digital Media: Synchronise Identities On-line

Create stunning story telling presentations with  the recently updated platform. Or if you're a traditionalist, use Powerpoint presentations that will challenge presenting pre-conceptions and get your message across.

Make the most of your digital network with web banners, twitter tiles and bespoke PDF's -

all data-merged and exported for web.

Integrate static and dynamic content for web and email that delivers the right message to the right target audience simultaneously.